Arab Patients in a Dental Clinic

Arab Patients in a Dental Clinic

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About This Course

Welcome to D1-Arabic Partner extended module – Arab Patients in a Dental Clinic.

Hope you had a wonderful time learning a new language.

Every Basic Language Learning process has 2 parts,
1. Words and Communication
2. Exploring Usage Scenarios

As Dental Professionals, our usage scenario extends beyond the needs of general students. We need to learn to manage the Clinical Scenarios to completely have command over the language.

We are here to help you with those specific needs !

Join in and explore the beautiful language of the Middle East !

Learning Objectives

Revises the Basics of Arabic Language in Communication
Learn Terms used in a Dentist-Patient Conversation
Revisits various assignments in specific to Dentist Scenarios
Learn conversation bits to get a grip of terms and its usage
Learn to converse with a patient in sample scenarios
Work and Discuss new Assignments with Trainers

Material Includes

  • Mini Workbooks


  • D1 recommends to take Arabic Partner - Basic Speaking Course

Target Audience

  • Dentists
  • Dental Students
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Dental Assistants
  • Dental Therapists
  • Dental Nurses


27 Lessons500h

Continuing, Exploring and Expanding the Language Horizon

Hope you had a great session at Arabic Partner. Let's continue the experience and swiftly learn more. This Chapter will give a few revision of things you already learned and help you continue the journey.
Introduction to the D1 AP Modules1:39
Revisiting the clinic related lessons

General Terminology

This Chapter Deals with General Terms used in a Clinic or Hospital atmosphere. It can be used by the Patient or the Doctor. You will be seeing some words from the previous chapters to help you revise and excel.

Clinical Terminology

This Chapter Deals with Clinical Terms used in a Clinic or Hospital atmosphere. It can be used by the Patient or the Doctor.


The Core intension of learning a language is to train yourselves for Conversastion. Let's check out some possible dialogue sequences and learn new clinical interactions between the Doctor and Patient.

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English - Arabic

Material Includes

  • Mini Workbooks
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